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The COVID pandemic caused the cancellation and delay of a number of international projects that I am involved in. However it gave the opportunity to return and further explore woodcut prints in my home studio - Seneca Street Press in Hornell, New York. The series of works started out smaller in size and were printed in experimental editions on beautiful Xuan papers that were previously brought back from China. In these experimental editions, both color and papers change constantly creating many stunning results. Xuan Papers are handmade and often have a great deal of variation of the sheet and surface. Some are quite fibrous while others are delicate and thin.

People who like my work often ask me, do I have anything smaller and more affordable? The prints are being offered here at a small fraction of the price that my large-scale works bring in galleries. The prints will look handsome in small groups in homes and offices. If there is interest in acquiring 10 or more individual prints, inquire about receiving a discount. Look for future series in the new future.

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